Hi, Vanessa & Mike here!

We started Good Cause Coffees after volunteering with nonprofits over the past decade. Vanessa currently spends time on the Associate Board of Designs for Dignity, and Mike has spent time fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Our goal is to help nonprofits earn recurring revenue and we do that through roasting high quality coffee that could be considered part of the Third Wave coffee movement. Third Wave coffee roasting focuses on quality over quantity and supporting all stakeholders at every level of the value chain.

We'd like everyone to think of Good Cause Coffees as the Girl Scout Cookies of coffee. If you buy a 12oz bag of coffee, or if your office buys a 5lb bag of coffee, $5 will go to your selected nonprofit. It's that simple. We didn't want to fiddle around with giving only 10% of revenue to good causes as you might read on the packaging of other companies that sell products to benefit nonprofits. Our goal is for our nonprofit partners to make money first and for there to be clarity to the consumer on how much we're donating to their selected nonprofit. 

This idea really clicked into place after our trip to coffee farms in Costa Rica at the end of 2018. The opportunity to funnel money from every cup of coffee over to good causes is both simple and powerful. On top of supporting nonprofits every single day, we also strive to source the best coffees above Fair Trade prices. Our sourcing methodologies vary from working with importers to growing Direct Trade relationships.  

 Coffee growing region: Monteverde, Costa Rica

Moneverde coffee region Good Cause Coffees

 Driving through rivers to get to Monteverde

driving across river in Costa Rica

 Sunset in Costa Rica

buy Costa Rican coffee from Good Cause Coffees

Mike & Vanessa in Hawaii after visiting farms in Kona 

buy coffee Hawaiian coffee from Good Cause Coffees

Hope you like the coffees!  

If you'd like us to source different coffees, vary our roast profiles, work with your favorite nonprofit, or if you just want to chat, please email us at: hello@goodcausecoffees.com.