Spark Ventures Invests in Grassroots Organizations at Home and Beyond

Spark Ventures has a lasting impact by providing strategic and financial resources to grassroots partners and to help them move towards sustainability. Spark Ventures builds partnerships that lift communities out of poverty and empowers future leaders. They are creating a sustainable impact in Chicago, Mexico, Nicaragua and Zambia.

Through philanthropic investments in local social businesses, they are able to leverage charitable contributions to provide ongoing funding for high-impact programming in education, health, and nutrition. One of the most interesting things to me is that Spark frequently travels to these communities to engage and further their impact. 

Spark Ventures has successfully partnered with four grassroots organizations transforming lives for the better across the world. 

  • Hope Ministries in Zambia


  • Las Tias, Nicaragua


  • Entreamigos, Mexico


  • I Grow Chicago, United States
I Grow Chicago

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