What You Need to Make Good Coffee While Working From Home 

 The modern workplace allows more people than ever to work from home rather than commute back and forth to the office. Whether you are afforded the flexibility to work from home in your career, or you are forced to stay home due to the spread of COVID-19, you may be asking yourself a new question as part of your morning routine - where do I get my coffee? Whatever your situation may be, it will become abundantly clear to you within a few days (or hours) of being free from the confines of an office that you need a way to enjoyably caffeinate yourself at home. 

 In the following series of posts, you’ll find several different and inexpensive options for brewing a good batch of that productivity juice right from your home workstation. 

 When I worked in an office, my mornings were spent snoozing my alarm until the very last minute, allowing myself just enough time to freshen up and catch the train downtown. There was no time to make coffee before I left, but there was also no need. My old office was stocked with ground coffee, two large brew pots, and the office favorite, a cold brew keg. When I arrived at work in the morning, my first stop was the kitchen to fill my mug and start my day. 

 As I transitioned from the office coffee setup to my home setup, I realized I was undercaffeinated and unsatisfied. I began running out to coffee shops and cafes in the area for my morning brew, but soon realized that both the money in my wallet and the time on the clock were too valuable to spend on this habit. The need for a cheaper and better solution came on quickly – I was ready to take the first step. 

 My home coffee setup has evolved through multiple phases over the past year. To help you navigate the mysteries of perfecting home brew, I will break down each of my phases into four detailed posts that focus on each piece of brewing equipment. Aside from brewing tools, you will need fresh whole bean coffee (buy some here), a bean grinder, and a way to heat up the water. 


Here are the phases and tools we’ll review:


Phase 1: French Press

French Press


Phase 2: Pour Over 

Pour Over


Phase 3: Moka Pot 

Moka Pot


Phase 4: Espresso Machine 

Espresso Machine


 Obviously, these are not the only fun tools available to make delicious coffee, but they are a great place to start.

 These days, coffee is no longer an afterthought or a financial burden. Now when I wake up, I look forward to the fresh smell of ground beans, the anticipation as I heat up water, and the satisfaction of brewing my own coffee. Whether I am pouring hot water onto a fresh bed of coffee grounds in my pour over or pulling a shot of espresso with my espresso machine, it is a somewhat ceremonious way to start the day. You will start to love mornings too, by finding what tools and processes you enjoy making coffee with – all you have to do is buy some tools and give them a try!


Links to the products I use: 


Bodum French Press

Chemex Pour Over

Bialetti Moka Pot

Gevi Espresso Machine

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