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When it comes to buying coffee, sheer convenience is not always the best route. 

Grinding your beans fresh in the morning reveals a delightful coffee scent that alone will get you perked up and excited for your day. The grinding process also, more importantly, unlocks the flavor from the beans. 

Think about this: 

If you buy an orange, peel it, and leave it alone for several days, what happens when you come back to eat that orange and how does it taste? It is dried out and the flavor has long since left its fruity flesh. Once you peel the orange, it is best to eat it right away. 

The question to ask is, “why do we do this with coffee?”

The main reason is that it’s just how we’ve always done it. You go to the grocery store and buy a bag (or box or tin) of already ground coffee without thinking about it. It also appears to be more convenient since no extra tools are required for breaking down the beans. 

We’ve made a quick and easy infographic to help show the pros and cons of whole bean vs ground coffee. 

Whole Bean vs Ground Coffee Infographic from Good Cause Coffees

Now you know that whole bean is the way to go! What if there was a simple way to enhance your coffee experience for around $15? You can easily purchase a bean grinder on Amazon for just about that price point. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a grinder today!

Amazon links:

Amazon Basics Blade Grinder $15.99

Cuisinart Blade Grinder $17.37

Mr. Coffee Blade Grinder $17.95

Hamilton Beach Blade Grinder $25.97

Mr. Coffee Burr Grinder $39.99

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