2020 Donation Recap for Good Cause Coffees

Wow, what a year to look back on. Without rehashing everything you already know and the recaps you’ve already read, 2020 was pretty tough. 

 What you may not know is that it was a pretty tough year for nonprofits. As a direct partner to nonprofit organizations, we saw the devastation that COVID-19 had on nonprofit fundraising efforts. The normal ways of raising money through fundraising galas, golf outings, even walks and marathons were all shuddered to stop the spread. It will take some time to see the lasting impact this pandemic will have had on nonprofit growth, but we did notice something throughout this past year... 

 We saw these organizations being just as nimble as tech startups! There was an exciting digital transformation that was apparent through enhanced email and social media focus, the launch of many easy to use DONATE buttons on websites that weren’t there before, and some organizations even held fundraising events through Zoom. The need to be ever-present online, engage supporters digitally, create brand awareness to gain new followers, and find new ways to raise money were just some of the lessons learned from over 30 nonprofits we interviewed in November and December of 2020. 

 Now for our a couple of announcements...

 As a small coffee company that pledges $2 from every bag sold to nonprofits, we’re excited to announce that we donated over $1,250 to nonprofits last year! 

 We donated $500 to our 2020 Pledged Nonprofit Partner, Designs for Dignity, to help with their mission to transform nonprofit spaces through design. 

 We also were able to donate $520 to Feeding America through our partnership with Tastemade which provided 5,200 meals for families in need. 

 Through various other partnerships with for-profit organizations, we were able to send some money to nonprofits such as Equal Justice Initiative, IPaintMyMind, My Block My Hood My City, Big Brothers Big Sisters Chicago, Centre for Global Inclusion, Jackson Chance, Chicago HOPES for Kids, Keep A Breast, Movember, Street Samaritans, and JARC. Special thank you to Roadster, ShipBob, Belvedere Trading, Payroc, and Pangea for going above and beyond to create a social impact. 

 Lastly, we were fortunate enough to provide over $800 in coffee to several hospitals in the Chicagoland area that went directly to nurses and frontline workers at the end of March and in early April. 

 Going forward in 2021 we will be partnering more directly with nonprofits to drive consistent recurring revenue to them on a monthly basis. We are also increasing our donation per bag sold from $2 to $5. We will announce our January 2021 Featured Nonprofit Partners on January 4th. Please follow along as we highlight the great work these organizations are doing, and we encourage you to turn on a coffee subscription that will provide consistent revenue for these organizations month after month. 

~Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2021!~

Mike Crothers

Founder, Good Cause Coffees

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